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From beginner to advanced, Next Generation helps you in your personal fitness journey. Tackle workouts using prescribed weight and reps, or utilize scaled workouts.

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Next Generation Gym offers four sessions every weekday in the morning, afternoon, and evening, plus a Saturday morning session. Click “Schedule” above for more details.  

Convenient and Affiliated

Located at the intersection of Hwy 51 and Memorial, we’re a short drive from anywhere in Tulsa. Next Generation is an official CrossFit affiliate, so you know the workouts are legitimate, tested, and effective.

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Next Generation CrossFit
7709 East 42nd Place, #116
Tulsa, OK 74145


Call or Text: (918) 729-0099

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Reaching your fitness goals requires meaningful interactions with coaches, a strong fitness community standing behind you, and meaningful, dynamic workouts that challenge you from head to toe with functional exercises that generate real strength.

Next Generation Crossfit, Tulsa’s oldest licensed CrossFit box, helps you meet your fitness goals with coaching that provides individual attention and regular feedback to ensure both proper form and maximum effort. With encouragement from Next Generation’s member community, you’ll rise above your limits and surprise yourself with your own performance gains. Next Generation’s workouts will work not just two or three muscles in isolation but will challenge your entire body and improve functional strength comprehensively.