Thursday, November 29, 2018

It’s Thursday, the day we do more Oxidative, Aerobic, type workouts. Monday, Wednesday & Friday is Phosphagen, Strength, focus and Tuesday & Thursday is the longer “grinding” workouts.
The MetCon has a buy-in then in the time remaining you see how many rounds you can do of the final push-pull-hinge style movements. The buy-in is a speed event, pick a weight that you can do the first 2 or 3 rounds of OHS unbroken. Scale for HS Push-up will be feet/knees inclined on a box…
WOD – 1 rd
Backwards Half Barbara
22 min. AMRAP
5 rd. Buy-in
  • 30 DU
  • 10 OH Squat 95/63
then max rds. in
the time remaining
  • 4 HS Push-up
  • 7 C2B Pull-up
  • 12 Air Squat

  • 75 SU
  • 10 Front Squat 65/53

then max rds. in the time remaining

  • 4 Push-up
  • 7 B-O Barbell Row 65/53
  • 12 Air Squat

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