Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Warm-up: – Overhead Squat success starts in the warm-up. If you want a good session then put the work into the warm-up. Ramp your weights up each set. Don’t be afraid to be breathing hard and starting to perspire when finished.

  • 3×2 TGU
  • 3×10 Duck Walk
  • 3×3 Strict Pull-up
  • 3×5 OHS Slide Drill
  • Ramp-up
Overhead Squat
5×5 @ 75%
Turn those armpits out, engage the shoulders, don’t just hold the bar overhead. Yes, there is a difference. Head and shoulders are stacked on top of hips and bar is stacked on top of all that, not forward or back of that plane. Bar should stay over the middle of the foot at all times. Hips finish lower then knees.
MetCon: 9 1/2 minute workout here. Power Clean weight is not too heavy because I want speed and intensity throughout the lifts, not a slow grind through. No place to rest and recovery heart rate and breath here, push thru this one.
for time – 95/63
  • 30 Power Clean
  • 60 Bar Hop
  • 20 Power Clean
  • 40 Bar Hop
  • 10 Power Clean
  • 20 Bar Hop

for time – 65/53
  • 30 Power Clean
  • 60 Air Squat
  • 20 Power Clean
  • 40 Air Squat
  • 10 Power Clean
  • 20 Air Squat

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