I’m Not The Strongest In My Gym

In my gym I’m not the strongest, or the biggest or even the most shredded. But that’s OK because I’m working on it, and having fun.

Stop trying to get to a certain weight lifted in just a week or 2. Stop trying to lose a quick 10 lbs. in 3 days. Stop forcing yourself into a deadline that is now or never. It is not now or never, nor should it be now or never. Each road takes time, a lot of time. This is more a forever thing.

It’s not sexy or even marketable but it’s the truth. It is a lifestyle change. 30 day Boot Camp’s, 6 week challenges are marketing. Good things can and do happen in these short periods but are they sustainable.

Lifestyle changes, getting in regularly to the gym, eating correctly 90% of the time… These are sustainable and not only obtain lasting results but keep and maintain them!

You will get better. It will get easier. You will reach a point where you don’t think about it all day because it becomes a part of your every day.

But when all is said and done, this game never ends. It becomes a lifestyle, it’s just a part of your day. Enjoy it, smile, have fun. It should be something to look forward too, not dreaded. Something you own, not a prisoner of. It’s not a punishment, it’s all a reward.

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