Sots Press & Powerlifting Program

Love my athletes! Even when certain movements are difficult for them to perform they continue on anyway with drive and determination. They learn and adapt, ever driving forward, not giving up. You are awesome and fun to coach! Thank You.

Powerlifting program saw several PR’s yesterday and another gym Back Squat record. Seen a female athlete increase her Back Squat 20+ lbs and Deadlift almost 40 lbs. A male athlete increased his Back Squat 40+ lbs and Deadlift 30+lbs. Another male athlete has been battered and bruised by years of Training and had declining numbers but with the new Powerlifting program he has turned that around, feels new and revived again and saw his old PR numbers in Back Squat and Deadlift return yesterday.

Something for everyone, no matter ability or skill level. Coached lead class with complete programming from warm-up through workout into cool-down. Need help with nutrition? All this can be had at Next Generation Gym.

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