We’re Better Than The Competition

Why We’re Better Than The Competition

Our competition is a culture that thinks women shouldn’t be strong. That the skinnier you are the better. A society that thinks people 50, 60 years old shouldn’t be athletes. Shouldn’t run, jump, climb, throw, pick heavy things up, and play. Shouldn’t be gymnasts or weightlifters.

Our competition is a society that thinks CrossFit is dangerous, or that they cannot do the stuff that they do on TV at the Games because that must be what we do in our gym, or that they should get in shape before trying CrossFit.

Our competition is a world that thinks physical health is a luxury or a blessing for only the chosen select few. A world where quality of life is measured in length not depth. A belief that bad backs, hips, knees, and shoulders are something you’re born with, or acquire with age, and the best cure is a reduction of physical activity.

Our competition is a corrupt health department that has perverted nutrition and created so much confusion and misinformation that eating is now a political statement and a measure of virtue. A supplement industry that has people believing pills, powders, potions, and magic bullets are all that stand between you and the body of your dreams. All this leads to empty calories, empty promises and empty wallets. Leads to people devoid of hope, trust, and faith in themselves.

Our competition is kids believing drinking energy and sports drinks are what athletes do. That donuts and orange juice are the best way to fuel health and performance. That fruit snacks “made with real fruit” are somehow good treats.

Our competition is fear, self doubt, addiction, self medicating, depression and ego. A world where physical fitness has been reduced to step counting and calorie expenditure, with no regard for actual healthy bodies and minds. Where natural human movement has been vilified as the cause of your problems.

We don’t compete with other “exercise programs”. We compete with the couch and TV, but mostly we compete with the “I can’t”.

How is Next Generation CrossFit better? 3 ways!

1. Simple nutrition. Meat and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar or bread.

2. Real Exercise and real movement. Weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio like running, jumping, climbing, pushing, lifting, throwing, and playing.

3. The best hour of your day with some of the most amazing people! An hour programmed with a workout adjusted specifically to meet your needs and abilities.

A beautiful body is a healthy body, a useful body, a functional body. A healthy person is a useful person and a happy person.

No shortcuts, no bs…

At Next Generation CrossFit we’re building a tribe that wants to snowboard when they’re 70, hike when they’re 80, play soccer with their GREAT grandkids when they’re 90, Teenagers overcoming sedentary lives to ones getting the upper-hand on athletic competitors and every imaginable activity in between for the middle-aged. We’re building a tribe that values themselves enough to eat real food, move with purpose, and do what they want to do.

Click below to join us! http://nextgenerationcrossfit.com/

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