Tuesday, 06.08.21

Tuesday, 06.08.21

Tuesday 06.08.21


2:00 easy on any machine

Wrist Stretch 1:00

Front Rack Stretch 1:00/side

Banded Hamstring Stretch 1:00

Calf Stretch on Post 1:00

Activation – 8 Minutes for Quality

500m bike or ski erg

10 Banded Good Mornings

5 Down Dog to Push Up

5 Box Jumps with Step Down (20/14)


5 Sets (increasing to 105% of 1RM clean)

1 Clean Grip Tempo Deadlift (4s up, 4s down)

1 Clean Grip Deadlift

1 Clean Pull

Workout – “Pedal Pusher”

On the 5:00 x 5

12/9 Calorie Assault Bike

400m Run

12 Toes to Bar


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