Saturday, March 28th, 2015

8am: “15.5” for Competitors

9am: Open Gym and FREE class open to the public!

10am Four-person Team WOD (two male/two female):

WOD 1:
7 min: 1 RM Overhead Squat (one rack per team)
Rest 1 minute.  Total up each persons best OHS (ex. 195+135+83+53=466 lbs)
7 min: Max Deadlifts, 225/153
Rest 1 minute.  Total up each persons DL reps (ex. 44+58+32+69=207)
7 min: Max Burpees
Rest 1 minute.  Total up all burpee reps.  Then add total OHS poundage, total deadlifts and total burpees for score.

WOD 2:  1000 Double-unders minus your WOD 1 Team score, for time.

Rules:  Only one person working at a time.  Each person on your team has to do each exercise (OHS, DL, Burps and Dubs) for at least one rep.