Meet our coaches:

Head Coach: Curtis Ziegler

Assistant Coach: Cody Ziegler

I have coached at Next Generation CrossFit since 2017. Previous to my CrossFit career, I was a collegiate baseball player at Oklahoma Baptist University. During my time at Oklahoma Baptist I became a NCCAA National Champion.

I am enthusiastic about fitness, and have pursued it throughout my life as it goes hand-and-hand with being an athlete. During my time as an athlete I have had the privilege of working with many instructors that are also passionate about the process of functional fitness. Each one has influenced me and has helped me develop my philosophy on fitness. I believe that fitness should be functional and that technique is very important.

I enjoy the community that CrossFit provides. CrossFit is a sport so it embodies that encouraging community that comes with other sports, which is something that isn’t experienced with merely going to a gym. I love seeing our clients excel and meet their goals.



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