Jay Cobb

Jay Cobb

On September 1st, 2017 Jay Cobb purchased the Next Generation CrossFit gym from Eric Barber who was moving to Colorado Springs, CO. Next Generation has been open for more than 10 years, and we hope to be open for many more by providing the members with an exceptional CrossFit/functional fitness gym.

Jay began his coaching career in 1998 coaching competitive basketball, baseball, and softball. As a coach, Jay always had encouraged athletes to have a strong foundation, but he noticed that skill was practiced more than nutrition, conditioning, movement, or strength. Practices had to be structured to provide the foundation that the athlete needed to be their best. This resulted in half of the team practices working on elements that easily could be completed outside of the practice and also resulted in the athlete being less than effective during the skill set of the practice. Because of their lack of a strong foundation, many athletes do not achieve their potential for sport and become frustrated and discouraged. Being competitive sports coaches, Jay and the coaches at Next Generation Gym understand the importance of this strong foundation and will help the athlete become the best they can be no matter what sport they play.

In 1980, Jay was diagnosed with Burkett’s Lymphoma and was given 60 to 90 days to live. Treated at St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and pronounced cancer-free in 1990, Jay continues to participate in a Life Study at St. Jude and returns every four years for additional testing and study. The Life Study at St. Jude published that strength and resistance training is beneficial to heart health and that exercise three times per week is critical for good health. The St. Jude’s study was enough to encourage Jay to focus on becoming healthy in all aspects of life. Using CrossFit in 2016/2017, Jay changed his body composition by 49 lbs (30# weight loss, 19# muscle gain) and is looking to reach all measurements of fitness in 2018. In addition to the St. Jude study, there are many studies that talk about resistance training and nutrition as being preventative medicine for everything from diabetes to cancer to dementia. The sick-wellness-fitness continuum as taught by CrossFit is simply defined as the more fit you become the more well you become….which also aligns with the many studies published each year by the medical profession. Jay and the coaches at Next Generation Gym understand the importance of good health and fitness and will help you become the best you can be no matter your current position on the sick-wellness-fitness continuum, age, or physical ability.

Jay loves nothing more than seeing people succeed in obtaining their goals with sport, fitness, and wellness and will provide the best facility for individuals to reach and maintain their full potential. If you are either an experienced competitive athlete or a beginner – you will find Next Generation Gym to be a welcoming home to achieve your goals.

Life outside of the gym is just as busy as the gym. Jay is a registered Civil Engineer, Partner and Senior Vice President for Poe & Associates, Inc., and is an assistant softball coach for the Tulsa Elite organization. He is married to Jennifer Cobb and has three wonderful children Trey, Wyatt, and Addison. He enjoys being with family and friends, the great outdoors, sporting events, roller coasters, theme parks, and being a fur dad to several rescued animals.