"Better shape than high school!"


I am middle aged… it sucks to say but it is the truth of the matter.  I found myself in my late 30’s looking in the mirror embarrassed.  I spent most of that summer at the lake with my shirt on.  In the end there had to be a change, I couldn’t continue like that.  There were plenty of excuses.  “I own my own business so I don’t have time” “I have 2 kids, they are my priority” but they were simply excuses.  Without accountability I struggled to go to the gym.  This is where CrossFit changed my fitness journey.  

Although, I was intimidated the first time stepping in a CrossFit gym, I quickly found a group of friends that would push me into the best shape of my life.  I went from 220 lbs and the least muscle I every had to 189 and as fit as I had ever been. I was stronger than I was in high school and loved every minute (okay maybe not in the midst of a few workouts but afterwards was great).

Now I can say that I am middle aged and in better shape than high school – and that makes me smile.

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